What is 24/7 Support

Reliable operation of servers, website or application is essential to any online-related business. No matter how good your code, design or idea are, poor or failing technical environment can bring all your efforts and benefits to nothing. We’ve created a Service which would protect your company or project from suffering technical issues and ensuing negative consequences, like loss of profit, reputation and market reach.

Our engineers will provide you the best technical support of your website, infrastructure (virtual or dedicated servers, cloud services), migration of websites or elements of infrastructure (servers), optimization of your website and IT environment for better cost/performance index, installation and configuration of needed software, installation and setting-up billing systems, implementation and tuning advanced CI/CD processes.

By partnering with Actyc can avoid maintaining an army of full-time in-house admins and developers, establish technical tools for them, and bear other expenses related to running your own support team. When working with our company you get a dedicated team of experts who will monitor your project and provide excellent service for it 24/7.

We will take care of your infrastructure, website or software, and make sure it works smoothly and serves your business in the best way possible.

How we do it

We are here to provide first-class 24/7 Support services to companies and projects where faultless and stable websites, applications or services generate profit and create solid reputation.

We build our Service on comprehensive monitoring of your technical environment, immediate resolution of any issue occurred, and providing you prevention recommendations for future.

  • We plan and establish comprehensive and effective monitoring system for you server, application, website, or service basing on your specific requirements and wishes, and monitor it’s status non-stop
  • When something happens to your infrastructure, we send you alerts and start fixing the problem immediately
  • We analyse causes. Our experts conduct investigation and find the reason why the issue took place (checking errors, logs, etc.)
  • We compile and handle you full report with our recommendations which will help to avoid those problems in future

From now on you don’t have to be worried about your IT continuity and you may focus on your business needs only.

Tools we use and technologies we trust

Set of reliable and trusted tools and solutions allows us to keep highest quality and best efficiency

elastic search and kibana
AWS CloudWatch