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Actyc is a leading provider of DevOps services, built upon deep experience and expertise. With a track record of successful projects, our team understands the significance of experience in the world of DevOps. We recognize that each specialist brings unique skills and knowledge, which is why we prioritize professionals with practical hands-on experience in development and infrastructure management.

By joining Actyc, you will have the opportunity to work alongside a team of seasoned professionals, where you can share your expertise, enhance your skills, and broaden your horizons in the DevOps domain. Our goal is to achieve high performance collectively and grow together, taking into account the needs and ambitions of each specialist.

Our Vacancies

  • Devops AWS, EKS

    We are looking for cool motivated DevOps AWS, EKS engineers to join our fire team!

  • Linux DevOps

    We are looking for cool motivated DevOps engineers to join our fire team!

  • Linux System Administrator

    We are looking for a motivated Linux Sysadmin to join our expert team. You will be working with professionals passionate about their skills, in the environment where you can grow professionally.

Referral System

Everything is simple. You recommend us a person for an open vacancy. If a person approaches, we pay a reward.

We consider each candidate for multiple positions, allowing you to earn rewards sooner. Once your referred candidate accepts an offer from us, you will be eligible for your well-deserved bonuses. We appreciate your participation in our referral program and value the quality recommendations you provide. Start referring today and enjoy the benefits of our rewarding program.

To send a recommendation, you can follow a few simple steps. First, make sure you know the requirements for the candidate. Then, fill out the form on our website with the details of the recommendation. We will carefully review each recommendation submitted and inform you of the result.

You will receive a reward after the recommended candidate trial period. We will contact you to discuss payment details.