Running an online business or website? Have you ever thought about how many potential clients you lost due to technical issues on your website? Then you definitely know how important it is to stay online and be aware of the website status. Losing visitors is always bad for any website, but poor operation of a business website leads to lost profit, reputation and brand damage, wasted time, money and opportunities.

No matter whether you are doing online sales or promote your business on your website, Monitoring Service is an absolute must if your business or sales directly depend on online presence. Actyc is your one-stop provider of overall monitoring solutions.

Our job is to provide you reliable monitoring that warns you about any significant events in your online environment and make sure you are the first who knows that your website is down.

Here in Actyc we develop and implement customized Monitoring Solutions case by case and client by client to keep you informed and update about the status of your website. Using our Monitoring Service you will be able to always keep your website:

  • Online and Available
  • Fast
  • Error-free

How we Monitor Your Website or Service

Here in Actyc we are experts in System/Network Administration and provide high quality services with shortest response time. We are focused on two main aspects of administration.

We monitor
We build monitoring solutions for your project and start non-stop monitoring your service.
We allert
When we detect a problem on your service, we inform you immediately.
We act
We collect statistics and provide you customized detailed reports so you could take preventive measures for the future.

What exactly we Monitor

To make your website or service always-available and to save your business from losing profits due to cringe-making technical issues, we constantly monitor a number of parameters which tell us about the current state of your online environment.

  • Server Monitoring. We monitor the server side of your website or application. Here we check CPU Load, Ping, RAM, Storage Space, etc.;
  • Application or Website Performance Monitoring. We check your website or software for internal lags and malfunctioning. Apart from monitoring pages for availability and errors we check availability of their content, layout and all elements;
  • Network Monitoring. It is essential to keep an eye on your network and monitor it for errors.

DevOps tools we use

elastic search and kibana
AWS CloudWatch