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DevOps as a Service

Innovative DevOps services & solutions modernize your workflow and adapt it to the operation in the Cloud. Knowing all the laws of digital interaction and the advantages of automation, Actyc DevOps company will create the necessary high-tech environment for the growth of your project. Contact our experts, and we will develop the full scope of IT tools for your project optimization!

Do you have a brilliant idea for a new app and business resources to implement the project? It's great, but it's not enough. The successful fulfillment of an idea depends on the perfect balance within the team and effective communication. Actyc DevOps service provider offers high-tech tools and solutions to encourage collaboration and increase the productivity of software development. We know how to create an ideal technical background and a harmonious communication environment that will allow you to scale your projects and give birth to new original ones!

Time-to-market is a variable that defines leaders and those who follow in their footsteps. DevOps is a perfect team interaction system that determines the coherence of work and the high pace of task fulfillment. Do you want to get ahead of your competitors while developing new applications? Then let the DevOps services company bridge all the communication gaps in the team, and the implementation of tasks will accelerate incredibly!

DevOps as a service provider will easily move the interaction of team members to the Cloud and automate all routine processes. This frees up time for creativity. This is what you need to create new original products that will be in high demand on the market!

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Why Choose Actyc as Your DevOps Services Company?

  • High IT Competence

    High IT Competence

    Working for many years in the field of software development, we offer solutions that are easy to adapt to changing market conditions. Actyc team members have expertise not only in DevOps and System/Network Administration but also in Web development, Cloud solutions, etc.

  • Cost-Effective DevOps Practices

    Cost-Effective DevOps Practices

    By moving into an effective technical environment designed specifically for you by Actyc DevOps solutions company, you optimize your management and mediation costs. In addition, you free up a large amount of working time by automating routine processes and redirect it to implementing other creative and highly intelligent tasks.

  • Deployment Cycle Acceleration

    Deployment Cycle Acceleration

    Thanks to the high efficiency of infrastructure management, you can simplify the development of software products and get rid of accidental and forced downtime. The deployment cycle will be accelerated due to reducing manual tasks and bridging the gaps in communication, and increasing the pace of fixing bugs.

  • Cutting-Edge DevOps Services and Solutions

    Cutting-Edge DevOps Services and Solutions

    The DevOps tools that we offer create a lightweight but, at the same time, fault-tolerant architecture for your projects. Thanks to it, you will easily manage your project throughout its life cycle. The processes of software development, QA, as well as software delivery and further support, will be automated. This will create the basis for reducing the time it takes to release a software product to the market.

  • Fast Feedback by Working Teams

    Fast Feedback by Working Teams

    The success of a software company largely depends on a speed of communication among different subunits working for the same project. The reaction to various challenges, including appearance of new devices, necessity to make updates, or considering changes in market trends, will be greatly accelerated thanks to automation and applying other DevOps techniques.

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Scope of Our DevOps Services

Innovative CI/CD Services
Minimizing errors due to the human factor and reducing production risks is ensured by a well-functioning CI/CD pipeline. We offer advanced Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery services that will increase the volume of work performed and reduce the time to complete all tasks.
Advanced DevOps Orchestration
Automation is a necessary step to speed up all processes, but it is not enough to gain a competitive advantage. DevOps orchestration allows you to coordinate and synchronously manage different processes that run under the same umbrella. Thanks to orchestration, your team will be able to work in a single workflow but using different automation tools. Also, it will stimulate cross-team collaboration, allowing launching more challenging projects.
Creating a Microservices Architecture
Microservices architecture increases the reliability of your software products. Thanks to it, developers do not depend on each other's mistakes, and the vulnerability of one microservice does not affect the general performance of the software. Actyc DevOps engineers are real experts in modern techniques of microservice architecture, who can build your infrastructure according to these advanced principles.
Efficient Infrastructure Automation
Actyc DevOps services company will simplify the performance of all repetitive tasks in the full life cycle of software production through competent and appropriate automation. You will get a high consistency in the performance of all works on the development, deployment, and support of software and fast delivery of finished products to the consumers.

Create an innovative and engaging infrastructure with Actyc DevOps and enjoy the ultimate performance of your team!

Our DevOps Approach

DevOps Transformation Towards Best Practices
DevOps development services are not a frozen concept but a living culture and a constant search for more efficient software production solutions. The IT market is rapidly developing, and the introduction of new technologies opens up new opportunities that Actyc DevOps takes into account and integrates into their solutions.
High Security of All Operations
No matter how perfect your workspace architecture is, you must be prepared for potential attacks. Therefore, all Actyc software solutions are tested against potential threats and are provided with reliable mechanisms of protection. We use containers and microservices as additional factors of infrastructure security.
Enhanced Collaboration with Partners
Actyc DevOps development company provides its customers with much more than unique customized DevOps solutions. We offer a roadmap for further business development, opening up new opportunities and prospects for innovation.
Following Market Trends
The vast expertise depends not only on theoretical and hands-on knowledge but also on following contemporary trends in DevOps, such as DevSecOps, Multi Cloud Strategies, ChatOps and GitOps, Microservices, and more. To provide the most up-to-date DevOps solutions for our clients, we integrate the most effective and promising innovations on the DevOps services market.
Ongoing Customer Feedback
Customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities in our work. Their experience of using the DevOps tools we have integrated is tracked and taken into account through ongoing feedback. At your request, we monitor your environment and make adjustments if necessary.

Become a change leader in the IT industry with Actyc experts! Give us a challenge, and we'll create the best DevOps solution for you!

Flow of Our DevOps Services 

DevOps involves a comprehensive service for projects from the beginning of joint work on their improvement to reliable post-launch support. Such a model of interaction with clients allows for not only the timely introduction of new unique approaches but also control over the implementation of an already launched architecture. The project workflow includes the following phases:

  • Continuous Development

    Continuous Development

    The gap between software development and subsequent stages, including the deployment of new features, can be significantly reduced through continuous development strategies. Tasks that previously took weeks to complete will require just several hours thanks to DevOps practices.

  • Continuous Integration

    Continuous Integration

    This stage is provided by automating various kinds of tasks, such as integration of code changes performed by different team members. By getting rid of performing routine tasks manually, you can release new software more often.

  • Continuous Development

    Continuous Testing

    Automation of tests is necessary not only to speed up the execution of this stage of work but also to eliminate errors due to the human factor.

  • Continuous Development

    Continuous Monitoring

    Managed service implies the possibility of timely detection of errors and making the necessary adjustments. For this purpose, we ensure the collection and analysis of data on the effectiveness of the functioning of the infrastructure. This helps to improve its work by getting rid of unnecessary features and adding more efficient ones.

  • Continuous Development

    Continuous Feedback

    Providing feedback from the end users of the software product is necessary for an objective assessment of new releases and problem areas in their use. Also, continuous feedback allows you to fix changes in consumer preferences and launch new projects in time.

  • Continuous Development

    Continuous Deployment

    So that new versions of the software product do not require manual changes, Actyc DevOps solutions and service provider company arranges deployment automation. This allows you to add new features very quickly and bring them to market without fear of app failures.

  • Continuous Development

    Continuous Operations

    Our DevOps specialists know how to reduce downtime from forced or planned improvements of software so that end users can proceed using it. Continuous operations ensure uninterrupted use of the software product even when the software is being deployed with changes.

DevOps tools we use

The success of the DevOps journey and the flawless operation of software products depend on the choice of tools. We use a cascade of advanced tools that have proved their efficiency on many other projects. With their help, we will create the ideal technical environment in which you can easily cope with all tasks and discover a new level of interaction and productivity. With better performance and less risk of error, this digital workflow architecture will easily scale your business and save your time and money resources.

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Clients Succeed with Our DevOps Services

  • blockquote:

    ..Always Available and Supportive

    Fast, accurate, and very honest in price and time evaluation...Working code without any bugs, execution even faster than was promised, always available and supportive.

    Lora M.
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    ...Recommend to Anyone

    Excellent work ‒ over the moon with the service, communication was great  ‒ the price was fair, and he came in under his estimated time to fix the issue we had. Would certainly use it again and recommend it to anyone.

    Daniel D.
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    ...Exceeded All Expectations

    From the beginning, the project was quoted fairly, executed smoothly, communicated professionally, and exceeded all expectations. In 25 years of working with freelancers, this is one of the best experiences I have ever had.

    David G.
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    ...Would Recommend Them for Any Serious Project

    Very professional and polite freelancers. We have hired them for a freeRADIUS client, and we would hire them again when we need some software or network development project.

    Formacion S.
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Why Choose Actyc as Your DevOps Service Provider?

  • Comprehensive hi-tech solutions for flawless work on your project
  • We have experience with a large number of technologies but offer the most necessary and advanced, the effect of which exceeds all expectations
  • High DevOps culture and applying the best approaches to software development optimization
  • Increase the productivity of team members by reducing the complexity of all processes
  • Cost-effective flexible solutions
  • Personal approach to every architecture design
  • Long productive partnership with clients
  • Exceptional post-launch support and advisory services
  • Best automation tools

DevOps practices are constantly evolving and improving. Become our client, and you will always be at the front line of progress!

The security system is improved by automating manual processes, fast updates, and the use of containers and microservices. With automation, the chance of a security system being compromised due to the mistakes of one of the team members is reduced. A quick update helps to fix security bugs immediately, along with all other weak points. Microservices reliably protect the application in the event of an attack, because even if one of them is vulnerable, its relative isolation from the rest will not allow attackers to hack the entire application.

Companies that have implemented DevOps solutions in their workflow will have to keep track of hardware and software updates. Otherwise, an advanced architecture may start to fail when new updates are released. The second challenge is the dependence on advanced DevOps tools that help speed up the release of software. And the third most common challenge is the reluctance of some team members to leave their usual comfort zone and adapt to new practices.

There are many metrics that will show you whether the use of DevOps services made sense. First of all, this is the acceleration of the life cycle of software production and its release on the market. Among specific indicators, pay attention to MTTR (Mean time to recovery), change failure rate, short lead time for the introduction of any changes, etc.

DevOps engineers are called upon to create all conditions for the reconciliation of interests of different groups of specialists working on software development. To effectively implement DevOps services, they need to know all the stages of software development and all possible weak points that slow down its release to the market. With the help of DevOps tools and practices, DevOps engineers create a more effective model of interaction between all team members to close these gaps.